Security Alarm Company Financing and Funding

Alarm Company Financing and Funding CalculationsAt Acquisition & Funding Services, we understand the security alarm business and the importance of streamlining finance acquisitions.

AFS makes the security company financing or funding you need possible – whether it’s to buy a security alarm business, expand your current operation or acquire working capital that will help you stay on top of all the changes emerging in the security technology market.

We realize that the security industry is ever-changing and growing, with the continual addition of new technologies and the need for sophisticated security services. That’s why we provide the below financing services, to help businesses keep pace with a changing marketplace.


  • Finance acquisitions, consolidate debt, or expand your business
  • 36-60 month term loans
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Continue monitoring at your current central station
  • Loans between $150,000 and $100 million

Leasing Program

  • Existing or newly created accounts
  • Dealer paid up front, no hold-backs

Call Rory’s personal cell at (800) 354-3863, or send us a note online, to learn more about our financing and funding options for the security alarm industry.

We can also provide a full, no obligation valuation for your current alarm business and accounts. Just fill out the form at the top left to get started.

Not sure if you should continue investing in your business or if you should cash out your equity? Wondering what other programs might be right for you and your business? We can take an unbiased look at your situation to determine what will be in your best interest, whether it’s investing or selling. From security alarm dealer programs to assistance with selling security alarm accounts to well qualified buyers, we do it all. We’d be happy to help your organization take the next step, whatever that step might be. Contact us today!