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Security alarm industry information and insight from trusted and experienced alarm company broker Acquisition & Funding Services. Learn about how to position your alarm business for success, how to generate increased recurring monthly revenue, the benefits of working with a broker when you choose to sell your business, and more. Find insider alarm industry information that will help you to guide your business on a path to success.

Benefits of Smart Home Security Features: 8 Reasons Why You May Want to Consider Upgrading Your Alarm Business

alarm system monitoring employee holding a yellow post it note that says A.I.

The advent of the Internet of Things has many alarm company owners weighing the options of selling or upgrading their businesses. The reality is there’s no one size fits all answer to the question of “should I sell my alarm business or continue investing in upgrades?” and there are many factors that can influence this…
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Why It’s Worth It To Invest in Good Reporting Software For Your Alarm Business

Computer, eyeglasses, and reports on a desk generated through alarm company reporting software

Businesses of all sizes must allocate their resources strategically in order to keep profit margins high and keep things moving in the right direction when it comes to serving customers. Because reporting is often a concern that’s put on the back burner for alarm companies, many security businesses don’t recognize the importance of investing in…
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Fire Alarm Business Valuations: How To Know How Much Your Fire Alarm Company is Worth

Fires Alarm Business Valuation

Determining how much an organization is worth when it comes time to sell is a complex thing. Business valuations can be challenging for companies of all kinds, but they are especially challenging and complicated for alarm businesses, which in most cases cannot be valued based on the typical EBITDA model. For fire alarm businesses specifically,…
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Service Revenue in the Fire Alarm Industry: Why It’s A Valuable Asset When It Comes Time To Sell

Fire truck responding to fire alarm

Service revenue is one factor that tends to complicate fire alarm company sales. Why? Because many brokers don’t quite know how to accurately calculate the value of alarm companies that profit from service and test and inspect revenue, and because may buyers are hesitant to acknowledge service revenue as an asset. For these reasons, if…
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