Is It Time To Sell Your Security Alarm Business?

Has your search for financing come up empty? Have you been giving more thought to selling, but aren’t sure which path is the right one? Give AFS a call. Not only do we provide a number of great financing services, but we can also take an unbiased look at your business and see if you would be better off selling some accounts or your entire security company versus trying to expand, keep up with technology or acquire working capital.

Financing and Funding

At AFS we provide loans and financing programs to qualified security alarm businesses. We do this to help businesses secure the capital needed to expand their operations or stay on top of today’s technologies. The financing services we offer are very competitive, but may not be suitable for all circumstances. For some businesses, it may be more beneficial to cash out on the equity in the company, rather than reinvest in it.

Get Value For Your Equity

At some point you may find it next to impossible to get the financing or funding you need. AFS has experience with cash-strapped security alarm businesses and figuring out what the next best steps may be for the owners. Many times it is not securing financing, but rather cashing in on the business equity that they currently have. This can include selling the entire company, including all assets, or selling some accounts. In either situation, the goal is the same – to get you the value you deserve for your assets.

Contact AFS to Learn More

Give AFS a call today at (800) 354-3863 to explore your options. When you do, you could be one step closer to getting additional capital for your security business, or possibly cashing out on some or all of the equity in your company. We look forward to discussing your business options.