4 Characteristics of a Successful Integration Company

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Whether you’re just starting out in security integration or you’re looking to make your existing company the best it can be, there are a few key characteristics that set successful security integration companies apart from the rest.

As alarm company brokers, we know what makes security integration companies sell for top dollar, so we’ve compiled our top tips to make your integration company as successful as it can be.

How to Maintain a Successful Security Integration Company 

Looking for ways to grow your integration business into the best it can be? Here are a few business strategies to keep in mind:

Offer Innovative Solutions

No two customers are alike, especially when it comes to the security systems they’re using. When a customer hires an integration company, they’re looking for your particular expertise and advice. Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all solution, successful integration companies will think outside the box and craft custom, innovate solutions for your customers.

Don’t try to sell customers something you’ve done before for another client—it may not fit them! Instead listen to your customer’s needs fully before crafting a sales pitch, and based off the customer’s needs, deliver the right product for THEIR needs, not yours.

Use Ethical Practices

In business, reputation is EVERYTHING, and the way you build a solid reputation in the security industry is by conducting ethical business practices with your customers. A reliable integration company doesn’t hide the weaknesses of their security system or the ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs just to make a sale.

Instead, a reliable integration company laying out the strengths and weaknesses of the system, including ongoing costs, during the sales pitch. By being an ethical company, you grow a rapport with your customers and they know they can count on you for future business.

Focus on Profitability & Education

Security systems integrators can be incredibly profitable enterprises, but you have to be willing to take on new challenges and adapt to new ideas and technology to do so. To ensure your security integration company stays relevant in the field, it’s crucial to continue educating yourself.

By adopting new technologies and adding new offerings to your repertoire, you open yourself up to more business opportunities and revenue streams. Plus, down the line, a profitable integration company will be easier to sell.

Build a Solid Client Base

Any successful business needs clients, but how do you build a solid client base?

You can’t underestimate the value of word of mouth, especially by clients satisfied with your customer service. For a security integration company, this includes things like completing service requests promptly, honor warranty commitments, and call customers periodically to check-in on how things are going.

You don’t always have to wait for the customer to call you. Often times, clients are busy running their businesses and security systems are the last thing on their mind. They’re not thinking of system upgrades and enhancements, which you can recommend, while you’ve got them on the phone. This gives you an opportunity to turn one-off customers into repeat customers and build a solid recurring monthly service revenue stream.

Another tip for building a solid client base: Know where to look for clients! Because integration companies offer a plethora of services, you may find yourself targeting a broad audience. Your client base may range from architects and facility managers to other security, fire protection and safety companies. Carefully consider any opportunities that come your way so you can be sure you are building a client base you can service well.

Make Your Integration Company as Successful as it Can Be!

Now is the time to grow your integration business to the best it can be so it can sell for top dollar in the future!

Interested in building a profitable security integration company? You can learn our top three strategies you’ll need to implement in order to succeed with a security integration company in today’s market.

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