AFS Now Representing Security Integration and Fire Protection Businesses

fire alarm in hallway

For over 20 years, Acquisition & Funding Services (AFS) has guided security and alarm business owners through the process of selling their companies. Owner and President Rory Russell takes great pride in finding buyers that offer fair prices while treating owners with respect.

AFS is proud to announce that it has expanded the types of companies it represents. After working with several security integration companies, Rory found they were a natural fit with his current clients. Through this experience, he also learned more about the fire protection industry. He found many owners intimidated by the growing interest in their businesses, unsure of how to navigate the offers. 


A Word From AFS President, Rory Russell

When asked why he decided to expand the range of industries he serves, AFS President Rory Russell referenced the people in the security integration space:

“The people in fire and security are just good people, easy to work with, with great companies,” Rory said. “There’s a lot of interest in these companies now, so I’m excited to help guide these owners through the process and find them good buyers.”

For Rory, representing America’s business owners is a privilege which he values. He knows what it’s like to be navigating the sale of your own company, which helps him be more empathetic through the selling process.


Things To Consider When Selling Your Security Integration Company

As a former alarm business owner himself, Rory understands the current plight of owners navigating the sale of their companies. The list of things to consider when selling your company is long:

  • How much is my company worth?
  • Am I looking to exit, or for a partner to support my growth?
  • Will the next owner take care of my employees?
  • Will my customers’ service experience changes and interruptions?
  • Will my legacy be respected?

At best, it is a stressful process. For some, it is also emotionally painful to prepare to let go or share control of a business they or their families built.


Knowledge is Power: Have the Right Person in Your Corner

Having the right person in your corner can make all the difference when navigating this process. You could work with an experienced broker who knows how to navigate the financial conversations with finesse, but he may not understand your other business needs. Or, you could work with an industry professional who is new to negotiation. They will sympathize with your team, but may not know how to find the best deal.

With AFS, you can have the best of both worlds. Rory has the industry experience to know the specific concerns you have for your company’s welfare. He also has over twenty years of experience with finding buyers that will pay top dollar for small to midsize companies that are high-performers.


AFS Is Now Working With a Full Range of Security Integration and Fire Protection Companies

After working with several security integration and fire protection companies with great success, AFS is proud to continue extending its services to these industries.

Rory is in active conversations with buyers interested in:

  • Fire protection companies
  • Security integration companies
  • Fire and security companies
  • Fire alarm companies (midsize or larger)
  • Fire suppression companies (midsize or larger)
  • Security companies (midsize or larger)

Maybe you want an exit strategy that will support your retirement, or a financial backer who will fund your company’s continued growth. Perhaps you would just like to transition some of your high-value accounts. AFS can guarantee you an easy process and a fair price.


Ready to Sell Your Fire and Security Business?

If you are ready to sell your fire protection or security integration business, it’s time to give Rory a call! He can provide a complete evaluation of your business and even have you talking to buyers the same day. Contact him directly at 800-354-3863.

If you would like to learn more before you call, you can sign up for the AFS newsletter or read client testimonials to learn more about our client’s personal experiences with AFS.