AFS Brokers Security Company Acquisition – Brightspeed Security Systems’ Sale to Pye-Barker

Brightspeed Security Systems provides a full range of security services across Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, making the company a perfect fit for a strategic acquisition by Pye-Barker. AFS Mergers & Acquisitions was pivotal in brokering the deal and ensuring the terms were advantageous for both firms.

“It’s exciting to be aligned with the premier fire, life safety, and security company in the United States,” said Cassandra Ivy, Brightspeed Security Systems Branch Manager. “I’ve worked in both large and small companies, and the opportunity to join Pye-Barker is special. Pye-Barker is the security leader while maintaining the close-knit culture of a small mom-and-pop shop. Leadership genuinely treats team members like family, and the career growth opportunity for our team will be limitless, something I’ve long wished for. I’m also thrilled that through this partnership, we’ll be able to provide additional services to protect our customers and community.”

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Get the Best Price and Terms for your Security Business

Most fire and security company owners have limited experience selling a high-value business. AFS President Rory Russell and his team of experts have handled more than $850 million in security industry mergers and acquisitions and can help you manage every aspect of a sale, ensuring you get the best price and terms for you and your employees.

Here’s what AFS brings to the table when we broker a transaction:

Leverage AFS’ Industry Experience to Close the Deal

Rory Russell’s three decades of experience brokering deals makes AFS the ideal partner to help you find the best sales solution for your company. As experts in fire alarm system companies or security system companies, we can secure the best deal for you. Take a look at our previous customer’s experiences, FAQs, and buyer information to learn more about how our process can benefit you. Are you ready to start your selling journey? Reach out to Rory today to learn more about how AFS can get your business in front of the right people, determine a price that reflects the best value of your business, and more.

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