Alarm Industry Insights

Security alarm industry information and insight from trusted and experienced alarm company broker Acquisition & Funding Services. Learn about how to position your alarm business for success, how to generate increased recurring monthly revenue, the benefits of working with a broker when you choose to sell your business, and more. Find insider alarm industry information that will help you to guide your business on a path to success.

Tips for a Well-Run Alarm Monitoring Center

Your alarm monitoring center is the beating heart of your business. It delivers on the promises your business makes since it’s the place your alarm monitoring contracts call when there’s an emergency. If you’ve promised a fast, caring, professional response, here’s where you deliver it. Monitoring centers are 24/7 operations staffed by people (with great…
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How To Future-Proof Your Alarm Business

As a business owner, maybe you’ve heard the term future-proofing. Ever wonder what it means? Future-proofing involves creating a plan for dealing with the fact that the world of business is always changing. Whether it’s a gradual evolution or a revolutionary new technology that sets the market awhirl, savvy business owners need to be ready…
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Why 2022 Is a Good Year To Sell Your Alarm Business

2020 and 2021 have been challenging years for businesses for many reasons – but they’ve also brought about unique and unexpected opportunities for those in the security, fire, alarm, and integration industries. Opportunities that will likely carry over into 2022 and beyond. One opportunity that 2021 brought about for many alarm business owners is the…
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How to Find Buyers for Your Monitoring Station

Monitoring stations are key components of security companies, fire companies, and integration companies. As such, they are also components that need to be sold when alarm businesses are changing hands.  So how do you go about finding a buyer for your monitoring station? Where do you turn when it’s time to pursue a new opportunity…
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