Fire Alarm Business Sales & Integration

Fire alarm company sales and acquisitions can be complex yet incredibly profitable, largely due to the presence of service revenue. Whether you’re looking for a fire alarm business for sale, you’re hoping to sell your fire alarm accounts, you’re curious to know how much your fire alarm business is worth, or you’re looking to integrate fire within your security company, these resources will help you to make informed decisions as you move forward.

How Security Company Mergers and Acquisitions Work: The Seller’s Perspective

If you’re ready to sell your alarm business, you may be wondering what to expect and how to prepare. The following blog post will lay out some simple tips for security company mergers and acquisitions. Defining Security Company Mergers and Acquisitions Let’s begin with the definition of two key terms. Merger: Companies consolidate functions and…
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fire icon with internet icon inside representing the IoT's impact on the fire protection industry

Fire Protection, The Internet of Things, and Why You May Need Better Technology Now

We recently covered how the Internet of Things is impacting the security integration space, and what owners in that space can do to use it to keep their companies profitable. But the integration space isn’t the only one that can benefit from the new ways technology is developing. Fire protection is another area that is…
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