Fire Alarm Business Sales

Fire alarm company sales can be complex yet incredibly profitable, largely due to the presence of service revenue. Whether you’re looking for a fire alarm business for sale, you’re hoping to sell your fire alarm accounts, or you’re curious to know how much your fire alarm business is worth, these resources will help you to make informed decisions as you move forward.

Fire Alarm Business Valuations: How To Know How Much Your Fire Alarm Company is Worth

Determining how much an organization is worth when it comes time to sell is a complex thing. Business valuations can be challenging for companies of all kinds, but they are especially challenging and complicated for alarm businesses, which in most cases cannot be valued based on the typical EBITDA model. For fire alarm businesses specifically,…
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Service Revenue in the Fire Alarm Industry: Why It’s A Valuable Asset When It Comes Time To Sell

Service revenue is one factor that tends to complicate fire alarm company sales. Why? Because many brokers don’t quite know how to accurately calculate the value of alarm companies that profit from service and test and inspect revenue, and because may buyers are hesitant to acknowledge service revenue as an asset. For these reasons, if…
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