Integration Company Sales & Insight

Security integration companies can provide tremendous opportunities for profitability and growth, especially in this day and age given the diverse security needs of the organizations being served. If you’re the owner of a security systems integrator or you’re interested in entering the industry, we have the insight you need to help you get started or plan your next move in the security industry.

Integration company concept depicted by web of varied security services

What is a Security Integrator?

Three Things You Need to Know About The Integration Industry The security integration industry is thriving. Demand for physical security has grown exponentially in the wake of the pandemic and recent active shooter events. Security integration companies play a big role in meeting this demand. But what exactly is a security integrator? Understanding the role…
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Shield with padlock icon on circuit board representing the concept of cyber security in the security integration industry

How Security Integration Companies Can Profit From New Cyber-Security Services

As the digital world continues to evolve, so does the need for innovative and reliable security integration solutions. As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology for their operations, it is essential for security integration companies to keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity services. By utilizing the most advanced cybersecurity technologies available, organizations can…
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integration business seller unhappy with offers from potential buyers

Selling Your Integration Company & Not Getting the Offers You Expected? Here Are 5 Things to Consider

Interest in buying and acquiring fire protection and security integration companies remains high. There are many options for owners ready to sell their businesses, whether to exit or to shift their levels of involvement in their companies. But, having many options does not guarantee every successful business will receive good offers. To sell your business…
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representation of current security integration solutions including cloud technology

New Security Integration Trends on the Horizon

In recent years, we’ve seen many new security integrations emerge, and it’s certain we’ll see even more in the coming years. These new security solutions are the result of professionals working across industries to find ways to protect employees and customers. They want to save more lives and incorporate remote support. Some want new remote…
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