How to Find a Fire Alarm or Security Business For Sale: Why Buyers Should Work with Brokers

Handshake between broker and buyer after an alarm company purchase

If you’re a buyer looking to purchase a fire alarm or security company, it’s important to know where – and how – to look.

Whether you’re starting a new business venture or you’re hoping to grow your existing organization through acquisition, you’ll want to be sure that the company you buy is healthy and a good fit for your situation. You’ll also want to have thoroughly researched the seller to be sure that he is trustworthy with a good reputation, and that the security business for sale is in good standing.

There’s a lot to consider as you’re shopping for an alarm business. For that reason, it’s likely in your best interest to partner with an alarm company broker.

Why Partner With a Broker to Find a Security Business or Fire Alarm Company for Sale?

Many people think of alarm company brokers when it comes time to sell their security businesses, but there are a handful of good reasons why a broker will be a good ally to have on your side as you’re shopping for an alarm company to buy, too.

1. They Have Access to Qualified Sellers

Since so many sellers partner with brokers to put their businesses on the market, brokers often have access to multiple companies for sale at any given time. By partnering with a broker, you can simplify the shopping process and gain access to multiple security businesses for sale.

2. They Know the Companies They’re Working With

Alarm company brokers know the ins and outs of the companies they work with. They have many of the details and specs you’ll need right at their fingertips – and if you need more information, they can likely help you get it. This can make the process of shopping your options much easier when you’re looking to buy an alarm business.

3. They Know the Market

Brokers are very familiar with what’s going on in the industry, meaning they’re a helpful resource when it comes to both buying and selling. They can help you understand how the purchasing of a new company fits in the whole scheme of things, and can advise you accordingly as you’re making your decision.

4. They Know What To Look For

You may not be exactly sure what you’re looking for in a company, but talking with a broker can help you figure it out. Based on your needs and your current situation, a broker may be able to guide you and help you determine what features are a must in the organization you’re looking to buy – and then help pair you with seller whose alarm company that has those features.

5. They Can Help Facilitate the Sale

When it comes time to move forward with the purchase, brokers are great advocates to have. They can assist with negotiations and help to ensure that the sale and M&A transition moves as smoothly and efficiently as possible. While some company owners are tempted to work exclusively with lawyers, working with a broker who is familiar with the industry and the company you are purchasing can put you at a significant advantage. (You can learn more about the broker vs. lawyer debate when it comes to alarm company sales here.)

6. They Want What’s Best for Everyone

Brokers have your best interest and the seller’s best interest in mind. If you’re a well qualified buyer willing to pay top dollar for a company you know is truly worth it, a broker can connect you with an alarm company for sale that’s well worth your interest. Pairing a seller with a valuable company with a buyer who is qualified and willing to compensate the seller fairly for the business they intend to purchase is a win for everyone involved!

Other Ways to Find a Fire or Security Business For Sale

Not sure partnering with a broker is right for you? There are a few other ways you can go about shopping your options when it comes to fire alarm and security companies that are on the market.

Ask Around

Have contacts or know other business owners in the industry? Get the word out about what you’re looking for and ask around to see if anyone knows of a company for sale that might be a good fit.

Shop Online

Some brokers and industry organizations will share lists of alarm companies that are currently for sale. Browsing these lists can be a good way to get a sense of what’s out there if you prefer to shop your options on your own.

Industry Trade Shows & Events

Attending trade shows and events is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of the security alarm industry and make connections with others in the industry. If you’re looking to buy an alarm business and you’re on the hunt for potential purchase opportunities, chatting with other business owners at these types of events can help point you in the right direction.

Gain Access to Valuable Fire & Security Businesses For Sale: Work with AFS

If you’re a buyer who is ready to take the next step towards growing your security business and you’re prepared to purchase an alarm company or alarm accounts, working with a broker is the way to go.

Rory Russell of AFS has decades of experience facilitating successful, profitable M&A transactions and is always looking for well qualified buyers to pair with the sellers he partners with.

As one of the oldest independently operated funding providers in the security alarm industry, Rory has gained the trust and respect of many and can help you find an alarm company for sale that suits your needs. You can learn more about Rory and AFS here.

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