How Fire Protection Helps Commercial Businesses

fire extinguishers in the workplace

Fire safety companies can be a bit of a mystery to those outside the industry. Some business owners may only think about the technician who checks their fire extinguishers. Others may confuse what they do with the role of the fire department. It adds to the confusion when the firefighters stop by to routinely check some of the same safety equipment.

So, why is fire safety important and what role do fire safety companies play in supporting America’s businesses? Understanding this can help those in the industry better explain their value to both potential customers and investors. Let’s look at why the services fire protection provides are essential in commercial and industrial workplaces.

Fire Protection Companies Are Needed to Keep America Safe

Fire protection plays a critical role in the infrastructure of America. But most people outside the industry, especially those who do not own or manage buildings, have no idea the industry even exists! This is because the systems and equipment are not meant to call attention to themselves. They are meant to save lives and property during emergencies. When a fire happens, it becomes very obvious if the building’s fire protection systems have been installed and maintained correctly.

Fire protection is incorporated into the design and construction of a building from the beginning. Fire systems designers and equipment manufacturers work for and with fire safety companies to develop systems suitable for the particular needs of each space. Fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and fire suppression systems all help protect the people who will occupy the space. There is a large variety of options within these systems, so the building is fitted with the right combination for its intended purpose. For example, a commercial kitchen would need a certain type of kitchen suppression system that would not be right for protecting a data center. If the purpose of a space changes, its fire protection has to as well.

During the lifespan of any structure, it’s essential for fire safety to remain up-to-date throughout with reliable inspections and routine maintenance. Without these measures in place, lives could be in danger and the property could suffer worse damage during an emergency. The codes and regulations that outline a building’s system requirements were all developed over time, in response to emergencies that did end in disaster. With each devastating fire comes new research and information to help prevent the same thing from happening again.

As these codes develop, they change more than just the fire protection industry itself. They change the many industries that come together to design and construct new buildings and spaces. They change what materials can be used and how things should be set up within a building. This is why fire safety is important: it keeps people safe every day by stopping fires before they happen and extinguishing them quickly if they do.

Why is Fire Prevention So Important in the Industrial Workplace?

Working in an industrial setting carries a unique set of risks and hazards, making fire prevention all the more important. There are special codes and standards that address the dangers to property and personnel that only show up in the industrial workplace. It is the job of fire safety companies to uphold these standards with the greatest care and attention.

Industrial workplaces include factories, manufacturing plants, and warehouses. From high ceilings and wide open spaces to assembly lines and big machinery, there are different things to consider when planning fire protection for these spaces. These unusual features can bring greater risks for the building itself and those who work inside it when a fire starts. It is also more likely that highly flammable or explosive substances are being used inside these spaces. Many are also very hot on the inside, and trapped heat can become intolerable much faster once a fire starts adding to it.

To provide the right protection for these environments, fire safety companies have to understand the various systems that are available and have good relationships with specialty industry vendors. Special hazards systems exist to protect areas where the equipment is either hard to reach or cannot be exposed to the normal extinguishing agents. Industrial workplaces are also inspected more frequently. Fire safety companies come out on a monthly basis to check the fire protection equipment in many of these spaces, while most workplaces only need to be inspected a couple of times a year.

Putting safety at the top of their priority lists by working with trusted fire safety companies is the only way businesses can ensure the safety of their workers and those who live in the surrounding areas. The right fire prevention protocols can provide peace of mind in these environments, help businesses stay in compliance, and avoid heavy fines. They can even save them money by putting out small sparks before they become costly and dangerous fires.

The Surprising Ways Fire Protection Companies Are Protecting You Every Day

Whether or not you work in an industrial setting, you benefit from the work of fire safety companies every day. Every public place you visit has fire protection in place! Your office, grocery stores, favorite restaurants, malls, and even churches use fire protection equipment to provide around-the-clock protection for you and everyone else who passes in and out each day.

Fire safety companies provide basic safety equipment, like exit and emergency signage, emergency lighting, and ABC fire extinguishers. They also install and maintain the kitchen suppression systems that protect restaurants, the fire sprinkler systems that run throughout hotels, the fire alarm systems that notify school campuses of fires, and more! All these systems have many uses, and there are many more fire safety services these companies offer that keep people safe from fires, infections, hazardous materials, and smoke damage.

The next time you are out, start paying attention. You’ll notice the fire extinguishers in corners or on poles, the sprinkler heads above you, and the exit signs all around the store. Every single one of those things was installed and is continuously maintained by a fire safety company. Fire safety is an essential part of every business because it plays an irreplaceable role in keeping those who work at and visit the building safe from the dangers they can and cannot see.

Ready to Buy or Sell a Fire Protection Business? AFS Can Set You Up for Success!

If you own a fire safety company, you know how important your services are for your surrounding communities. You also know how unique your team’s skills and certifications are in the job market now. These things, combined with your company’s reputation and vendor connections, make your business an attractive acquisition target for investors. 

At Acquisition and Funding Services (AFS), we help the owners of fire safety companies navigate the competitive acquisitions market to sell for the right price at the right time. Owner Rory Russell maintains strong relationships with investors and industry owners so he can make better deals for his clients at their pace. This also makes him a great go-to resource for investors who would like to learn more about the fire safety companies that are currently open to selling.

To contact Rory for help selling your fire safety business or purchasing one, fill out our confidential form here. He looks forward to learning more about you and your goals for the future!

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