Why Fire Integration Can Put Your Security Company At An Advantage

Fire alarm push button equipment in old factory representing the concept of a fire integration company

If you’ve been in the integration industry for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that most fire alarm businesses have remained separate from the security integrators they serve alongside. While this may seem unusual at first glance, there’s actually a very good reason for it. 

It’s a challenge for security integrators to add fire to their integration companies because the security and fire alarm systems are often completely independent of each other. 

Think about it: While security is intended to secure a building or facility, a fire alarm system is utilized to monitor and evacuate a building should an emergency occur. Mixing these systems can be complex, if not impossible, in some instances. 

But, for those integration companies that can figure out how to incorporate fire, doing so can be extremely advantageous. 

How Can Fire Integration Put Your Security Business at an Advantage?

Many companies are not experienced in handling both fire and security – but gaining that experience and knowledge can be really useful if you’re looking to build value and gain new customers. 

Why should you consider putting in the work and effort to incorporate fire into your security integration company? There are a number of advantages you stand to gain if you can do so successfully. 

Benefits of Fire & Security Integration

Here, we review a handful of benefits to integrating fire and security within one organization.


Even in times of unprecedented crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve just seen, fire integration companies have continued to operate. They provide an essential service that must continue to be provided. As such, they continue to generate income and business even though the economy has taken a downturn and other areas of the security alarm sector have seen a downturn as well. 

Adding fire to your integration company can provide you with an element of diversification to strengthen your company and enable you to thrive even when other integration companies are struggling.

Competitive Advantage

Few companies have become extremely knowledgeable and capable in both security and fire. As mentioned, fire alarms vary significantly from security alarms. Having the ability and knowledge to execute both seamlessly is a rare thing, which will enable companies like yours to capitalize on it. 

Many companies are not offering this, and won’t be capable of adapting to do so. If you can create an integration that can do both, you’ll be at a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Consumer Demand

Customers are looking for integration companies that can handle both their security needs and their fire alarm needs. These types of fire integration companies can be difficult to find since they are so few and far between. 

And although integration companies that handle both are rare, they are very valuable to customers. Consumers and business owners want to monitor, maintain and manage all of their distinct systems in one place; they don’t want to work with multiple companies to meet their security and safety needs. If you can offer them the ability to work with your company for all of it, you’re going to be at a huge advantage. 

Reduced Attrition

Adopting both fire and security within one integration company will likely help to reduce attrition. Once a customer finds you, if you keep them happy they will likely stay with you. 

Consumers won’t want to move to another company who can’t meet all of their needs and manage all of their systems – so as long as you service their needs well, it will be difficult for a competitor to steal them away. 

Learn More About Fire Integration Within Your Security Business

Fire and security aren’t always compatible, but if you’re able to integrate them you may be at a significant advantage. 

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