Invest in the Future of AI in Cybersecurity to Boost Your Company’s Value

New technology drives change in every industry, and the security business is no exception. Artificial intelligence has quickly become an integral part of cybersecurity in the past few years due to its ability to analyze, detect, monitor, and respond to cyber threats and even adapt to potential threats in real time.

At Acquisition & Funding Services, we’ve advised clients to stay current with technological developments to ensure they strategically build and maintain their company’s value. But the evolution of AI takes the need to keep pace with evolving technology to another level. Our perspective is that failing to leverage current innovation opportunities will have a significant negative impact on future business valuations. This slippery slope is much steeper and will happen quickly as technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace.

Lines are Blurring Between Physical, Cyber Security

Traditionally, security companies looked at physical security as tangible assets like buildings, hardware, and infrastructure, while cyber security protected intangible assets such as data, computer networks and digital systems. It was two different areas and even different types of security businesses.

AI has completely changed this paradigm. The lines between physical and cyber security are disappearing, especially with the advent of intelligent buildings which are more of a hybrid system that integrates physical and cyber security measures. For example, an intelligent building with AI security cameras and physical assets such as motion detection can be integrated with cybersecurity measures such as facial recognition, authentication, or intrusion detection to optimize security measures.

What this means for security companies is that no matter what types of services they provide, AI needs to be part of the package they’re offering clients. By investing in new technology and the staff who can install, service, and monitor these products, security firms strongly position themselves to generate sustainable profit, grow their business, and boost the value of their company.

How AI is Making a Huge Impact on the Security Industry

While AFS encourages clients to invest in new technology like AI, it’s important to consider where the most value lies for your company and how different aspects of it dovetail with your current business model.

Currently, security companies are investing resources in a variety of areas, including facial recognition, license plate recognition, integration of AI and video surveillance, predictive security measures, object and behavior analysis, and much more.

Companies are relying more heavily on AI-related security services because the benefits are undeniable. Enhanced detection and response, cost efficiency, and improved accuracy provided by AI-related technology means it’s going to be more deeply integrated into security solutions.

But what makes AI so attractive for potential clients is the ability for companies to tailor its application by defining goals and objectives. This provides an ideal way to integrate security services to prevent incidents from occurring by mitigating potential vulnerabilities.

Make AI a Cornerstone of Your Security Business

The security industry is rapidly evolving via technological innovations and AI is the catalyst for creating new tools to protect businesses and their assets. For security companies, staying on top of these developments allows them to leverage the AI’s full potential.

At AFS, we’ve seen plenty of new technology in the security sector over the past 30 years, and there’s no doubt that AI has sparked the biggest wave of new capabilities and products. Our clients rely on us to help them position their businesses for success, and responding proactively to industry trends, particularly AI, is a big part of our mission. To find out more about how your security firm can make technology translate into business success, contact AFS President Rory Russell today.