How to Choose a High-Quality Security Integration Company

Security integration companies are a hot item on the market right now! Investors are recognizing that they are an incredible source of recurring monthly revenue. Companies that specialize in services, like fire protection or security and access control systems, are weighing the merits of expanding to offer both as an integrated company.

For Business or Investment, Quality Fire and Security Systems Companies are Hard to Find!

With the interest in the market and the already “hit or miss” nature of any service-based business, it can be hard to find a good security company. This is the case whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or just want to integrate services for your business’s fire and security needs!

Here are some tips on how to find a good security integration company:

Look for a Systems Integrator with Strong Experience in Both Security Systems and Fire Safety

When it comes integrating to security and life safety systems, you want a company that has a wealth of experience. This experience not only shows that they know the industry well, but also that they’re able to adapt to changes and new technologies quickly. It also means they will be able to handle the installation, inspection, and troubleshooting of the widest range of systems without hesitation.

Merged Companies and Original Integrators Can Provide Safety Solutions

When looking for integrated security expertise, experience is an obvious place to start. You have two main options if you want to work with the best. You can work with a business that offers integrated security from its outset. or you can work with a company that started offering one service and expanded to offer the other.

A newly integrated company may not have decades of its own experience, but each division of the company may if two experienced companies merged together. A more “original” security integrator may have more years of experience, but may also have an outdated understanding of the industry.

If you stick to companies that have a reputation as leading service providers in your area and meet all the checkpoints outlined in this blog post, you have a better chance of finding a good security integration provider. Ultimately, you want a security integration company that has proven expertise in both areas.

Do Your Research Online to Compare Reputations and Reviews

In today’s age, it’s easier than ever to find out what other people think about a security company. A simple Google search can reveal a wealth of information, both good and bad. In addition to Google, there are three other go-to places to look online to get a sense of the company’s reputation:

Google Reviews: A Quick Snapshot of the Customer Experience

Google reviews are the first place to go for a quick snapshot of the customer experience. If the business you are researching has multiple locations, be sure to look them up to get a true idea of the company’s overall reputation.

You should pay attention not only to the reviews themselves but also to the company’s response to them. A company with good reviews overall that is also taking time to engage and respond to customers is a very good sign that the company cares about its employees and understands the importance of its digital presence.

Indeed Reviews: What the Team Thinks about How the Business is Run

Even if the customers are happy, a good company with a solid future needs to have a happy team. Indeed is the best place to find out what the employees really think and to hear the inside scoop on how the business is run.

Of course, there’s always a disgruntled employee who can exaggerate his review out of spite or frustration. But when there are ten reviews that echo his angry one, it’s an indication that something’s not quite right within the team. On the flip side, a company with glowing reviews from the team on Indeed and customers on Google is worth contacting!

Social Media: A Place to Gauge Online Presence and Community Engagement

Finally, if you really want to do a deep dive in your research, check out the company’s social media profiles when applicable. A larger fire and security solutions company will have a LinkedIn page where they are shaping their professional image. This will help you learn if the company is prioritizing keeping up with technology and safety advancements.

Smaller companies may have Facebook pages, set up to encourage check-ins, additional reviews, share basic information, and spotlight employees. Wherever they’re online, be sure to visit and you will learn important information about the company’s culture.

Look for a Company with Established Relationships with Quality Distributors

An integrated fire and security company is only as good as the products it uses. That’s why it’s important to look for a security integration company with established relationships with qualified distributors. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible service and equipment.

Not All Distributors Are the Same!

While there are some distributors and vendors that offer both fire and security equipment, there are also distributors that are specific to each specialization. If you are not familiar with the industries or don’t know which brands are considered best by industry professionals, there are a few things you can do:

Look Up Major Fire or Security Companies

You can look up major fire or security companies and see which brands they use. Some premium brands are picky about which companies can represent and sell their products.

Cross-Check Brands on LinkedIn

You can cross-check the brands and distributors on LinkedIn. Leading companies will have larger followings and experience more interaction with industry experts.

Ask An Expert’s Opinion

You can reach out to an authority in the industry. Government inspectors, safety directors, or even some company leaders on LinkedIn may be willing to share which brands they trust and which they don’t.

Once you become familiar with the main distributors, it will be easier to tell at a glance how successful a company is and what reputation they have amongst those who work with fire and security solutions.

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