Prove to Consumers Your Alarm Security Company is Reputable & Trustworthy

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Owning a security alarm company is challenging for many reasons, but there is one issue that has plagued the entire security alarm industry for years: deceitful companies using questionable sales practices to scam consumers. While these companies are somewhat few and far between, they are causing many consumers to become skeptical of even the most trustworthy alarm companies.

Combating Questionable Alarm Company Sales Practices

In a Security Info Watch article from back in 2014, Deborah O’Mara reported that though reputable alarm companies have fought hard for years to disassociate themselves from the “trunk slammer and ambulance chaser” companies who are “unscrupulous peddlers of security alarm systems,” there is still a lot of work to be done. O’ Mara noted that while the security alarm industry is aligned on the matter of discontinuing deceitful sales practices, there are still numerous companies who lie to customers, baiting them to switch companies and taking valuable RMR away from honest, law-abiding alarm companies.

The Electronic Security Association cracked down on deceptive sales practices years ago, updating its Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct to address these issues back in 2010. In 2014, the ESA reexamined the code and reaffirmed the importance of the guidelines provided for alarm sales professionals.

In late 2014, ADT and a number of other trusted alarm security companies once again took action against the door to door alarm salesmen who misled homeowners and have tarnished the reputation of many organizations in the security alarm industry. By raising awareness of these scams among consumers and law enforcement officials, and actively prosecuting companies who were accused of misleading ADT customers, they revived the industry’s ongoing efforts to stop security alarm sales scams.

How to Prove That Your Alarm Company is Reputable

How can you ensure that your alarm company is perceived as trustworthy in spite of these illegitimate companies causing consumers to question the legitimacy of even the most reputable security companies and the new cyber security risks cropping up as technologies continue to advance? Here are a few ways you can distinguish your company.

1. Display Your Organization’s Professional Industry Membership Affiliations

On your website, your promotional materials and anywhere else you feel it is appropriate, display any industry membership affiliations your company has. These affiliations serve as trust symbols that will help consumers to feel confident that you are a responsible, reputable organization.

2. Follow ESA Code of Conduct Standards

Be sure your organization’s policies and procedures align with the ESA Code of Conduct Standards. These standards were established to help stop the deceptive practices of deceptive door-to-door alarm salespeople.

3. Encourage Customers to Perform Due Diligence

Deceptive salespeople tend to encourage customers to make quick decisions, convincing them to make changes to their security alarm system or system provider without taking the time to think through or research the change being made. Encouraging your customers to ask questions and take their time making decisions about adjustments and alterations to their security systems will help you to gain their trust and prove that you are a knowledgeable, trustworthy security company.

4. Require Sales Representatives to Carry Company ID Cards

Not all door-to-door sales representatives are deceptive. In a Security Info Watch article published late last year, ADT General Counsel David Bleisch mentions that one of the best ways to repair the alarm industry’s reputation is to ensure that salespeople are accurately identifying themselves at the door. If your organization utilizes door-to-door salespeople or representatives that make home visits, make sure that these individuals have company identification cards. Encourage your customers to ask for this identification, and encourage your employees to show this ID upon arrival, even without being prompted by the customer.

5. Encourage Your Customers to Contact You if They are Solicited by a Questionable Representative

To establish your organization as credible and legitimate and combat those that are not, encourage your customers to let you know if they are solicited by someone they are not confident is associated with your organization. If this individual is associated with your organization, you have the opportunity to coach him or her on how to approach customers more effectively. If the salesperson is not, you may be able to report him or her to the proper authorities.

Put these practices into action within your home security company today. In doing so, you will prove to your existing clients and potential customers that your home security alarm company is trustworthy and legitimate, and help the security industry as a whole to combat deceptive sales practices and repair its reputation.

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