Security Integration Company Owners: Here’s Three Ways a Broker Can Support You

Owning and running a service-based business is a demanding job. Technology is always changing, and you have to keep your company and your integrators up to date if you’re going to remain successful in the security industry. 

When Day-to-Day Operations Steal Time Away from Valuable Opportunities

With everything involved in running a business, it’s easy to put off some of the important, financial or growth efforts needed to keep expanding. In times of financial distress, you can suddenly find yourself worrying about how you’re going to pay your team and take care of your customers when the cost of goods keeps increasing.

You can also run into the issue of being successful but unsure how to keep scaling. Or perhaps you know you want to exit soon, but don’t think your employees will be able to keep your business thriving after your departure.

For these reasons and more, a broker is a great resource for security integration business owners. No matter which situation you are facing, a broker can support your goals as an owner and keep your business moving toward success. Here are three ways brokers can help you win in the security industry:

They Can Expand Your Business

Brokers that specialize in your industry know how other integrated security companies are performing. They know if there are smaller competitors in your area who would benefit from folding into a larger company. This can be a win-win for both companies involved, as it expands your business while stabilizing theirs. There are plenty of things to figure out if you’re going to incorporate another business into your own, but a broker can help you navigate the financial side of it while you and the other business’s owners or managers iron out the day-to-day logistics.

They can also expand your business by bringing in new accounts. Some companies will choose to sell a portion of their security alarm accounts as they focus on other services. These accounts are a great way to boost your own revenue and customer base. A broker can help you sort through your company’s current capacity and bring in the additional work to make sure it’s full.

They Can Supply Additional Funding

When money is tight and you just need more of it, brokers also have financing options available. A broker can help you decide the best way to use the money you’re borrowing so it reaches its full potential.

Business loans give you the opportunity to:

  • Finance acquisitions
  • Consolidate debt
  • Expand your business through new hires or equipment
  • Continue monitoring at your current central station

At Acquisition and Funding Services, owner Rory Russell takes great pride in helping security and alarm company owners get back on their feet and headed in the right direction. As a former owner of a large security company in the Northeast, he has intimate knowledge of the industry and understands the specific issues that other security companies can encounter. For that reason, he is able to brainstorm solutions that will actually help owners stay competitive in their market, rather than give generalized advice.

They Can Prepare You for Your Next Step, Even if that Means Exiting

If you are leading a thriving security, access control, and/or fire alarm company and ready to take your next step, now’s the time to talk to an experienced broker. Whether that next step is a new challenge, joining the leadership of another industry leader, or retirement, a broker can help. From evaluating your own business to reviewing options for you to transition, they can act as an industry advisor, helping you understand the numbers side of the security industry as it stands and providing valuable information to help you plan out your next move.

If that move is to exit, then you’re already speaking with the right person to help you find a solid buyer for your business. The same knowledge of the market that makes a security broker a good advisor also makes them the best advocate for you when negotiating the sale of your business.

Get the Support You Need from a Broker that Knows Your Industry

With his combined background of security company ownership, followed by decades of brokerage within the security and alarm space, Rory Russell can help your security integration company reach its goals. 

Whether you’re ready to sell all of your company, part of it, or interested in additional funding, AFS is here for you! Call 800-354-3863 to speak with Rory today. He can connect you with the resources and opportunities you need to either keep your business running or to help it reach its full potential.