How Security Integration Companies Can Profit From New Cyber-Security Services

Shield with padlock icon on circuit board representing the concept of cyber security in the security integration industry

As the digital world continues to evolve, so does the need for innovative and reliable security integration solutions. As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology for their operations, it is essential for security integration companies to keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity services. By utilizing the most advanced cybersecurity technologies available, organizations can reduce their risk of data breaches, protect their networks from malicious actors, and ensure that their security and alarm systems maintain their integrity.

Security integration companies are in a unique position to offer cybersecurity solutions that can help businesses maintain or even increase their level of safety. They also have an obligation to do so, to ensure that their integrated alarm and security services do not expose their customers to greater risks. And yet, many security and alarm companies are not offering these services.

While it may not be an area every fire and life safety company should consider, those in the right position to expand should look into it! Offering cyber-security integration solutions can open up a huge range of new opportunities for your company and help set you apart as a leader in the security space. Here’s more to help you learn if this is a good option for your company to explore:

The Reasons Why Some Safety Companies Hesitate to Offer Cyber-Security

When it comes to any tech-based expansion of services, there can be a few things that worry business owners. These can include the costs associated with adding the service, the fears of the unknowns involved with entering a new area of the market, and the practical concerns around finding the right talent to support the service. While cybersecurity is a broad term that can include a spectrum of services, they are not all as complicated and expensive as you might think.

For many unfamiliar with it, cybersecurity can make people think of what they see in action movies. They picture the bad guy sitting in a room full of screens and equipment causing mass chaos by hacking into a high-security area’s computer systems. And while true security threats can cause mass chaos for a company, the equipment and best practices needed to prevent these attacks do not have to be as elaborate as the movies depict.

Cybersecurity solutions can be complex, using new AI-powered capabilities to offer maximum convenience. But, they can also be as simple as keeping a building’s software systems updated and making sure any devices that connect to them are also up to date. As a security integration company, you can expand your cybersecurity offerings by looking into updated versions of your access control systems or new ways to protect your customer’s surveillance footage.

You can also make your customers aware that you are taking cyber threats seriously. You can let them know you are keeping your own equipment, such as phones and tablets, updated. You can also send out tips reminding them to do the same with any devices they use to watch or interact with their security systems.

The fact is, as the world continues to embrace the Internet of Things, any systems that use digital and cloud-based communication will be more vulnerable to security threats. Your security integration company may not be interested in offering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. But, you will have to incorporate enhanced security options and practices into your current services to keep them trustworthy. By learning about the new innovations early on, training your team, then offering them to your customers, you stay ahead of the trends and profit from them instead of waiting to become their victim.

Why Cyber-Security Services Are Some of the Fastest-Growing Security Integration Solutions

Everything is going mobile. That includes a business’s safety and security systems. While consumer preferences are driving this shift, the providers themselves are also forcing their customers to update. As manufacturers stop making the parts for older, hardwired systems, building managers have to upgrade their systems to remain protected.

The manufacturers and companies installing and maintaining these systems are happy to make the shift because the systems connected to cellular networks are easier to manage. Customers can more easily make adjustments to their providers or options without involving additional people or companies. Installing these new systems earlier on can also make a building safer from its opening and help it remain better protected from modern security threats than if it started out with a dated security or alarm system.

With the rise of cyber threats and other security concerns, it’s more important than ever to have a comprehensive security integration solution that can provide peace of mind. Touchless entry and remote monitoring capabilities are just a few of the features that are in high demand among building managers. They also want real-time reporting and information, so they can stay on top of potential security issues and respond effectively. That’s why many are turning to security integration companies to help them stay ahead of the curve and ensure maximum protection for their buildings and facilities.

The more safety and security features use cellular networks and allow mobile devices to access and review them, the more vulnerabilities they have. That is why cybersecurity solutions are growing with these trends, to make sure customers can have all the features they want without leaving their buildings, data, or custom

Understanding the Industry’s Changes is How to Keep Your Company Relevant and Successful

A recent study conducted by global systems integrator Convergint found that outside threats and cybersecurity weaknesses posed the biggest dangers to organizations today. In response, security initiatives and personnel are being elevated in importance. With this new level of authority, these teams are focused on refreshing the technology across their organization. Access control systems are at the top of the list of priorities. And yet, many of these organizations plan to continue outsourcing their cybersecurity solutions!

Understanding trends like this will help your company stay ahead and offer the security integration solutions the market needs. By taking the right steps to stay ahead of the curve, security integration companies can make sure they remain profitable in an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. With comprehensive services, up-to-date innovations, and expert advice, these companies can provide a unique set of services that help their clients maintain optimal levels of security while reducing the risk of data breaches and other cyber threats.

Staying on top of the security integration and cybersecurity trends will also help you stand out in the fire, security, and life safety industries. You will set yourself apart from your competition by showing customers you are thinking about their long-term protection and convenience. You will also catch the attention of buyers looking for innovative companies to help modernize or expand others in their portfolios.

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