Security Integration Trends to Stay Ahead of in 2024

Security system integration is a trend steadily gathering steam in our industry. In a nutshell, this process combines multiple security solutions into a centralized hub. This way, firms can manage the physical and technological aspects of their security solutions more cohesively and effectively share information.

At Acquisition & Funding Services, we broker multimillion-dollar transactions on behalf of alarm companies, security companies, integration companies, and fire alarm companies throughout the U.S. Our team stays on top of the latest industry trends to ensure clients get the best price when buying and selling. We concur with the experts that in 2024, system integration will continue gaining momentum and significantly impact the direction of the industry.

Security Systems are Merging with Business Operations

In previous years, security systems generally worked independently from the business operations part of a company, making it more challenging to respond proactively to threats in real-time. Since new technology now features fully integrated security platforms, more companies are merging their security and business sectors into a single, efficient system.

This trend is backed up by Gallagher Security’s Security Industry Trends Report 2024, where survey participants cited system integrations as the most critical security feature and identified surveillance as their top integration priority. Most respondents stressed the need to add video solutions to their current security capabilities and planned to invest in these areas.

More Companies are Running Cloud-Based Security Systems

At AFS, we’re seeing more companies move away from on-premises security solutions. According to Flexera’s 2024 State of the Cloud Report, 92 percent of companies now have their security systems running at some capacity in the cloud.

In the past, many companies with established on-site security systems were reluctant to convert to cloud-based systems. But with new technology it’s easier than ever to do so, which is why cloud-based security platforms are trending in 2024.

Cloud-based security systems use cloud services to store, manage, and analyze physical and digital security data. They make it simple for companies to manage multiple sites from a central, online location.  This means security teams can monitor and process data across all their sites in one place, rather than switching between tools.  Cloud-based systems are also gaining popularity because they offer long-term scalability for businesses.

Cyber and Physical Security Are Integrating

The reality for security professionals is that as corporate priorities shift, companies are merging the cyber and physical sectors under one reporting line rather than separate teams for IT, cybersecurity, and physical security.

Allied Universal’s World Security Report finds that 90 percent of Chief Security Officers report their corporate leadership are more concerned with cyber than physical security. But physical security is still very important, especially as more companies return to the office.

By merging IT and physical security infrastructures, companies can reduce where security tools or personnel have overlapping responsibilities. This improves response times as information and alerts are centralized so security teams have better visibility and improved collaboration across security functional areas.

This merging of digital and physical security is related to the trend of unifying security systems. The bottom line is that if companies want to integrate all their security systems and tools, it makes sense for their teams to be better connected.

Keep Up With the Trends

At AFS, we collaborate with security firms to help them respond proactively to industry trends in ways that grow their businesses. Whether seeking financing for expansion, considering a merger, or exploring an acquisition, companies rely on AFS to help them take their next steps toward success. To learn more about how your security company can benefit from working with us, contact AFS President Rory Russell today to get the conversation started.