Key Characteristics to Look for in a Security Systems Integrator

network of connected devices representing a security systems integrator

Security Systems Integrators have become an increasingly important component of successful alarm businesses in this day and age. With cybercrime on the rise and security systems for homes and businesses becoming increasingly sophisticated and thorough, the need for security businesses who ‘do it all’ has grown.

This presents a unique opportunity for security and alarm companies looking to grow.

Whether you’re looking to partner with a security systems integrator, you’re hoping to acquire one as part of your alarm business, or you’re hoping to build an integration component within your business from the ground up, there are a few key characteristics that indicate a valuable and reliable security systems integrator.

Signs of a High Quality Security Systems Integrator

Wondering what you should look for in a security systems integrator you plan to partner with or acquire? Curious about the offerings you’ll need to provide to fuel your success as a security systems integrator for your clients and customers?

Here are a few key signs of a successful security integration company:

IT Support

There’s a lot of technology involved when it comes to integrating security systems. Sometimes it’s necessary to create a new and innovative solution in order to link subsystems. Other times, connections fail and quick repairs are needed to prevent any kind of breach.

Finding an integrator that has quick and easy access to the type of support needed when challenges, issues, and complications arise is imperative.


One of the benefits of a security systems integrator is efficiency. Combining systems should bring ease to both the customer and the individuals or organization monitoring the system.

If you plan to take on integration duties, you’ll want to be sure you’re able to increase efficiency. Partnering with a security systems integrator? You’ll want to be sure that the integrator you work with is an expert in developing efficient solutions for your customers.

Trustworthy Employees

Trust is an important component for any security company – including companies working in security integration. You want to be sure the employees handling sensitive information and accessing confidential systems are qualified to do so.

Having specific training requirements and background check criteria is a good first step towards building a company filled with employees that you feel comfortable trusting, and your clients and customers know they can trust.


This builds off of the trust factor discussed above. A security systems integrator should have well trained, well qualified, and well vetted employees. If you’re planning to take on the integration element yourself, you’ll need to ensure that your alarm business is certified and its employees are trained and credentialed in all relevant areas.

If you’re planning to partner with a security systems integrator, do some research regarding the type of compliance and training that makes most sense for your specific organization and the customers and companies you serve. Then, seek out a security systems integrator that requires those certifications of their employees and meets the appropriate compliance requirements.


Security is a field that changes rapidly and often. The most successful security systems integrators recognize this and make a conscious effort to stay on top of new security threats, new solutions, new offerings, and more. Continuing education is a priority.

With an industry that’s constantly evolving, the most successful security systems integrators are the ones that stay ahead of the game, keeping a finger on the pulse of the market and proactively updating their offerings in order to keep their customers secure and protected.

Security Integration is Full of Opportunity

These days, security integration is an area of the security industry with so much potential for growth. It’s no wonder many traditional alarm companies are looking to expand into this area or partner with established security system integrators in order to offer added convenience and security to their customers.

Whether you’re hoping to develop security systems integration as a component of your business or you’re searching for a high quality systems integrator to form a successful collaboration with, the characteristics listed above are important to keep in mind.

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