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Here, we share an inside look at the fire protection and life safety industry. Gain knowledge about selling, acquiring and upgrading a fire protection company, and learn about key features and offerings that set the best fire protection companies apart.

fire icon with internet icon inside representing the IoT's impact on the fire protection industry

Fire Protection, The Internet of Things, and Why You May Need Better Technology Now

We recently covered how the Internet of Things is impacting the security integration space, and what owners in that space can do to use it to keep their companies profitable. But the integration space isn’t the only one that can benefit from the new ways technology is developing. Fire protection is another area that is…
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Fire sprinkler head installed on the brown wooden ceiling of a building

Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems for Fire Alarm Companies & Their Customers

Fire suppression systems are a key element of fire protection services. Using different kinds of sensors customized to the space they protect, they release extinguishing agents through discharge nozzles to put out fires before they grow out of control. From server rooms to restaurant kitchens, there are types of fire suppression systems for every space that…
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