Upgrading Your Integration Company to Leverage the Internet of Things

IOT system concept representing a security system with varied features integrated with the Internet of Things

This modern world continues to find new ways to use technology to stay informed and connected, at home and at work. More smart devices and digital systems hit the market each day to meet the consumer demand for easier and more efficient ways to finish tasks and improve daily life.

The commercial security world is no stranger to this trend. Long have integration companies worked to combine security systems with technological advances to offer more advanced safety features to businesses across the country. But, keeping up can be challenging and expensive!

In spite of the costs associated, it’s important to keep upgrading your integration company to leverage the Internet of Things. Here’s a look at what the “Internet of Things” means. We’ll also look at why you need to incorporate it to stay competitive and what features and services customers are looking for in the security sector.

What Do We Mean By the “Internet of Things”? Think Modern Technology!

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers to the interconnectivity and communication between physical devices using the web. It can link vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, sensors, software, and WiFi connectivity. By connecting these objects to each other online or through a local network, it allows them to share data and perform tasks.

This digital connection creates more efficient ways to manage home or business security systems. It makes it easier to monitor break-ins, employee movements, and customer interactions. From a commercial security perspective, the ability to link cameras, sensors, and access points through an online system opens many advanced opportunities for better protection and control.

Know How to Use the Internet of Things to Keep Your Integration Company Competitive

While connected security systems are not new, the Internet of Things does introduce exciting options for integration companies and their customers. Today’s consumers are used to having an app for everything they use at home. They are starting to expect similar capabilities from the systems they use at work.

Building managers or owners want the ability to check on the status of their properties any time from their phones. They also want easier ways to download reports and share statuses with authorities, partners, or others for both legal and financial reasons. Some companies are looking to technology for help creating safer and more responsible work environments.

Going a step beyond basic security features to offer smart upgrades helps you stand out from the competition. It shows your customers that you are keeping up with technology as it evolves. This sets you apart as a leader in the security integration space that is passionate about providing the best service.

There are so many home security options and sensors you can install on your own at home and control from anywhere using your phone. Your customers expect similar features to be available to protect their businesses!

Features Customers Want Now You Can Add to Upgrade Your Services

There are a few integrated security features that today’s customers want that use the Internet of Things to put more information at their fingertips. The more of these you can use to upgrade your services, the better chance you will have at keeping your current customers happy and attracting new ones.

As a security integration company, here are few specific areas where you can offer your customers updated options:

Safety Equipment Barcoding

Fire protection companies partner with barcode technology platforms to offer their customers the ability to print compliance reports and check the status of their life safety equipment in real time from any device. Offering this to your own customers can be a great upsell option for your integration company. You can also ask about how these barcode systems may work to track your own security equipment as well.

Automated Access Control

Automation continues to dominate the home and commercial markets alike. Creating systems using sensors and actions as trigger points for a series of commands is a basic capability. But, modern users are trying to use it in innovative ways. In response to the new ways of working, corporations want the ability to automate different access control functions and program security responses. This is an area to research if you want to upgrade your security company. Learn about the latest options available in access control and automation when you’re ready to expand your services.

Sound Detection, Especially Gunshot Detection

Sound detection is another example of a feature that is not new for integrators, but is being used in new ways to solve today’s problems. Gunshot detection is a relatively new advancement. It started to gain traction as an option for educational facilities, but is growing in demand across commercial spaces. Adding gunshot detection to your sound detection systems can give your security integration company a huge boost in the market.  If you don’t currently offer sound detection services, branching into them can open many new opportunities!

Energy Monitoring

Costs are high, as is the interest in being more climate-conscious. This means that companies want an easy way to track their energy usage and look for ways to reduce it. A variety of sensors are available that can track data on temperature, humidity, motion, light, and other environmental factors. Combining this data with alerts of any anomalies could give your customers more control over their environment. It can also reduce their energy costs. And this gives you a sought-after service to offer them!

Impatient to Let the Internet of Things Grow Your Business? Call AFS!

At AFS, we want to help integration companies stay successful in today’s modern markets. By leveraging the Internet of Things, your company can remain ahead of the trends and stay competitive. 

If you are falling behind and unable to offer the advanced options customers want, we can help! Owner Rory Russell has three decades of experience working with three decades of experience working with security integration owners. He also owned his own alarm company and understands the importance of remaining a leader in your area. He can offer advice and funding to help your integration company stay ahead and gain customers. He can also guide you through other options if you need fast funds to support your business goals.

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