Why Should I Use an Alarm Company Broker to Sell My Alarm Company?

When it comes to selling your alarm company, working with an experienced alarm company broker is arguably your best option. Though brokers might charge fees or expect to receive commission on sales, the insight and assistance they can provide during the sale of your company far outweigh the expense you may incur by working with them.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Working With a Broker to Sell My Alarm Company?

There are a number of reasons why working with an experienced security alarm company broker is ideal when selling your alarm company. These reasons include:

1. Higher Profit

Sellers who work with alarm company brokers typically see higher profits from the sale of their companies. Brokers are familiar with the industry, are aware of interested buyers and skilled in negotiating transactions. They are able to accurately assess and determine the value of your security alarm company and can ensure that you receive a premium price for the businesses and/or accounts that you choose to sell. Alarm company brokers can provide business owners with valuable selling advice, helping to ensure that you sell your company for the right price at the right time.

2. Knowledgable Representation

While companies in most industries work with attorneys and traditional business consultants to facilitate general business transactions, alarm and security companies are better off working with a broker within the alarm and security industry specifically. Brokers within the industry have specialized knowledge necessary to ensure that you receive the price you deserve when selling your company. They understand that RMR is a key factor in determining how much an alarm company is worth and that using the EBITDA model to calculate the value of a company may diminish an alarm company’s value. Having a knowledgeable broker represent you in the sale of your security alarm company is imperative if you hope to have a smooth, profitable sale.

3. Negotiation Power

Working with an alarm company broker gives you a leg up during the negotiation process. Brokers are often able to negotiate great terms of sale, and may be able to set up buckets for attrition or secure additional monies for the future performance of the business once you’ve sold it. Working with a broker will leave more money in your pocket once all is said and done and your business has been sold. The negotiation power that an alarm company broker brings to the table is incredibly valuable and will ensure that you sell your alarm company successfully and at a significant profit.

4. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is an important element of business transactions and working with an alarm company broker ensures that the sale of your business will remain confidential until the time is appropriate to disclose it. Many times company owners are hesitant to let employees, customers, clients and competitors know they intend to sell their organization before many of the necessary details are in place. Alarm company brokers are typically bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements, guaranteeing that details about your organization and its sale will remain confidential. They can work on your behalf to find interested sellers without revealing your company’s identity and can negotiate the details of the sale while protecting sensitive information.

5. Speed

Experienced alarm company brokers are capable of expediting the process of selling your alarm company. By working with a pool of interested buyers and soliciting buyers on your behalf, alarm company brokers can find qualified buyers quickly and efficiently. Additionally, because of their significant experience negotiating transactions, brokers are capable of speeding up the negotiation process while ensuring that you receive a fair price in exchange for your company. Brokers are also typically able to assist with coordinating the financing necessary to move the sale of your company along. As a result, working with a security alarm company broker will likely result in a faster sale of your alarm company.

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