What Do Today’s Consumers Look For in a Security Alarm Company?

Homeowners considering what they expect from an alarm companyThe Consumer Affairs website recently looked at the features that matter the most to consumers when choosing a home security system. Not surprisingly, cost was at the top of the list, including the upfront cost, the monthly subscription cost and the equipment cost. While it was noted that some home insurance providers offer discounts for homes with monitored alarm systems, this was a side note to the decision process.

The second feature that impacted the purchase decision was the contract including its length, terms and portability. The next major consideration among consumers was installation, and whether professional installation was required or if a DIY or third-party installation was an option.

If the purchaser has made it through all that and is still interested, now there’s the cost of monthly monitoring to consider, which varies from the less expensive, but less reliable, Internet monitoring to the most expensive, but most secure, cellular option.

And once all those basics have been met, consumers next looked at the add-ons – including items based on their home’s particular specifications, such as number of windows and doors, as well as additional monitoring items such as smoke detection and medical monitoring.

Home automation and remote access continue to be popular and much requested features among today’s consumers as it offers peace of mind, energy savings and ease of access – all items that resonate with time-strapped and eco-conscious 21st century families.

A Secure Life recently updated their independent research with their top 3 picks in affordable home security systems for 2014. It’s no surprised, based on Consumer Affairs findings, that the top choice, Frontpoint, ticked the box on many of the features listed above.

Frontpoint offers a competitively priced DIY option, saving consumers money. They offer 100% cellular service, the most secure of all monitoring options. And, they are very transparent in their pricing, with no high-pressure sales pitch and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The second place winner, Protect America, came in strong on cost savings, offering the lowest entry price point of any of the alarm companies A Secure Life reviewed.

Is Your Alarm Company Appealing to Consumers?

Are your current offerings in line with what today’s consumers want in a security alarm company? Do you have cost savings that buyers understand, with all the bells and whistles they want, and a transparent pricing policy that stands up to scrutiny? Do you need to increase your RMR by offering service upgrades and add-ons related to the Internet of Things (IoT)? Or, is it time to sell your security alarm company?

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