What Do Today’s Consumers Look For in a Security Alarm Company?

Smart home interface icons indicating consumer's preferences for modern technology for home security

When it comes to securing customers for your alarm business, it is imperative that you are in touch with what consumers are looking for. You won’t attract qualified, long-term customers if you’re not providing the products and services they’re actively seeking.

And, when it comes to security for their homes and businesses, today’s consumers are looking for more. More options. More technologically advanced solutions. More integration.

And of course, all of that for a lesser cost. There’s a lot they’re weighing and considering as they’re making this key choice.

Top Considerations for Today’s Consumers When Choosing a Security Alarm Company

So what are the top considerations of today’s consumers when it comes to selecting a security alarm company? We take a closer look at what consumers care most about here.


Not surprisingly, cost is at the top of the list of features that matter the most to consumers when choosing a home security system. The overall cost of the alarm system, including the upfront cost, the monthly subscription cost, the equipment cost, and the cost of monthly monitoring, is a top concern for consumers.


A second key feature that impacts alarm system purchase decisions for current consumers is the contract, including its length, terms and portability. Consumers are often wary of being locked into something for an extended period of time as they want the flexibility to make adjustments if new options or technologies come along. On the other hand, you may have loyal customers willing to stick with you if you’re willing to work with them to continue providing top tier products and services, evolving as the industry adapts and changes.

It all comes down to consumer preference – but it’s in your best interest to work with your client base to find contract terms that all parties are comfortable with.


Another major consideration among consumers was installation, and whether professional installation was required or if a DIY or third-party installation was an option. While DIY options are becoming increasingly common and appealing to many clients in the younger generations, some clients will still prefer professional installation. This is another key reason to be sure your menu of products, services, and offerings is diverse and keeping up with the ever-changing trends in the security industry.

Add-Ons and Features

Once consumers have considered the overall cost, contract options, and installation requirements, they often carefully consider the add-ons. This could include items based on their home’s particular specifications, such as number of windows and doors, as well as additional monitoring items such as smoke detection and medical monitoring.

Home automation and remote access continue to be popular and much requested features among today’s consumers as it offers peace of mind, energy savings and ease of access – all items that resonate with time-strapped and eco-conscious 21st century families.

Is Your Alarm Company Appealing to Consumers?

Are your current offerings in line with what today’s consumers want in a security alarm company? Do you have cost savings that buyers understand, with all the bells and whistles they want, and a transparent pricing policy that stands up to scrutiny? Do you need to increase your RMR by offering service upgrades and add-ons related to the Internet of Things (IoT)? Or, is it time to sell your security alarm company?

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Editor’s Note: This content was originally published in 2015 but has been updated as of March 2023.