What is a Security Integrator?

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Three Things You Need to Know About The Integration Industry

The security integration industry is thriving. Demand for physical security has grown exponentially in the wake of the pandemic and recent active shooter events. Security integration companies play a big role in meeting this demand. But what exactly is a security integrator?

Understanding the role of security integrators in the fire and life safety space is important for business owners and investors in similar industries. Whether you are a fire protection business looking for expansion opportunities or a major player in the acquisitions space learning more about the companies on the market, this blog will help you understand security integrators better. Then, you can make an educated decision about how they may be able to fit into your future plans.

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Now, here are three things you need to know about the security integration industry:

#1: Security Integrators: What They Are and Why They’re Important

Security integrators are an essential part of the security industry. They specialize in providing integrated solutions to address complex security issues and challenges. This can include hardware, software, and services such as CCTV systems, access control solutions, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and more.

Security integration companies not only help design and install these systems in a building, but they also monitor and maintain them. For some companies, the services provided by security integrators may comprise the entirety of their security function. This makes the role of security integrators vital in keeping our communities safe.

Security integrators are increasingly being used to manage multiple security systems across an entire organization or network. They are also leading the effort to utilize the Internet of Things to increase safety by offering more remote-controlled services and increasing cybersecurity. For these reasons, their importance to builders, facility managers, IT departments, engineers, and safety authorities is on the rise.

#2: The Role of Security Integration in the Context of Life Safety Services

Security integration and fire alarm companies frequently overlap. Some security integrators start as fire alarm technicians and then expand into integration as they learn new skills or change jobs. The two types of companies can supply similar services and will sometimes work together to present the best each has to offer in one comprehensive package.

Security integration grants the ability to combine various life safety services and systems that already share components. It also allows businesses to build out from their core systems to include more advanced security features than a specialized company could. This type of customization is extremely important in today’s ever-changing world and business environment.

Rather than act as competition, security integrators are a meaningful extension of the important life safety services alarm and fire protection companies provide. Each building is required to have a network of equipment and systems to guarantee complete protection during emergencies and threats. Achieving this requires multiple companies to work together.

Security integration can simplify some of this process. But, a security integration company will never offer the full range of fire protection and other life safety services that a building needs. That is why merging with a successful security integration company can be a great way for a fire protection company to expand services and offer even more to their customers from the same source.

#3: The Largest Security Integrators and How Their Innovation is Changing the World

Many of the largest security integrators are recognizable even to those outside the industry. These include ADT, Convergint, Johnson Controls, Allied Universal Technology Services, and Securitas. All of these companies provide a variety of integrated services including consulting, design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring for businesses worldwide.

These companies are integrating existing and new security features into comprehensive solutions for businesses. Their size and extensive divisions allow them to invest more resources into developing new ways to use modern technology to boost building security. This includes exploring new uses for AI in detection and intrusion technology and inventing safer ways to offer customers more control through implementing cloud technologies.

Through their leading innovation, the country’s largest security integrators are transforming commercial and residential safety for the better. Their efforts are gaining attention from those within the security industries and outside them. One recent example of this is the inclusion of Johnson Controls in Fortune’s 2022 Change the World List for its developing building automation solution OpenBlue. ADT Commercial’s recent research and development of AI-powered robots for building security has captured international attention. And Convergint’s new study has collected important information about the shifting role of security and IT functions within organizations to help security leaders understand how to better support and advocate for their services.

As these large security integrators continue to make an impact on a grand scale, they empower others within the life safety and security industries to do the same in their own markets and communities. The more the public can learn about the role of security integration and life safety systems, the easier it will be for the companies that offer related services to succeed in increasing national and global protection.

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