Who Hires the Security Integrators? Meet the End Customer

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This one’s for the investors and business owners! If you are interested in expanding your portfolio or adding services, one of the first questions you may ask as you consider a new industry is: “Who is in the market for the service this industry provides?”

Security integration is a stable industry that combines services found in fire protection and security alarms together to make maintenance easier and a property’s protection more cohesive. Because its services fall where a couple industries overlap, the people who hire security integrators come from a variety of backgrounds.

Here’s a snapshot of the people and companies who hire security integrators, so you can better understand the industry and its market.

Property and Facilities Managers

Property and facilities managers make up a good portion of many security integrators’ customer bases. This is because they are responsible for keeping their buildings code-compliant and up to date for all maintenance and services. When a security integrator is able to make sure their fire and security alarm systems are up to date and functioning properly, it makes things simpler than having to coordinate with two different companies for the same purpose.

As these managers are usually responsible for a large number or portfolio of properties, they are great customers to have. If a company provides seamless services on time and on budget for one property, they will likely try to use the same company across properties to keep things even simpler. Companies that can provide property managers peace of mind will always be in-demand!

Security Directors and Officers

Another common customer for security integrators are security directors and officers, who are usually found in commercial and industrial settings. These customers may be interested in integrating their security systems because they want a more centralized and coordinated system that is easier to manage. They may also be the first point of contact when there is an issue with the system.

The primary concern of security directors is going to be maximizing the security of the properties they are responsible for protecting. They will be interested in integrated security systems and security solutions that can be added onto existing systems. They will also prioritize working with companies that prioritize compliance and quality over cutting costs.

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators are also common customers for security integrators. While they may not be the end user of the security system, they often handle the design, installation, and maintenance of a property’s security system. They may hire a security integrator to help them with a particularly large or complex project.

What is the difference between a systems integrator and security integrator?  A systems integrator is usually more focused on the technical aspects of installation and may work with a variety of subsystems. A security integrator, on the other hand, is more focused on the security applications of the system and integrating the different parts of the system together.

Systems integrators are usually interested in working with companies that have a good reputation and can provide a turn-key solution. They want to be able to hand off the project to a company and know that it will be completed on time and on budget with minimal issues.

Architects and Engineers

Another customer of security integrators comes earlier in the process. Architects and engineers start looking for integrated security solutions as they design their buildings. They will have budgets to respect, but also have to meet specific safety requirements to have their designs approved.

They may hire a security integrator to help them design and install a security system that meets the specific needs of their project. And once the design is approved, they will continue to work with the integrator as the project is completed. After the build is done, they will hand off the contact information to the property owner or manager so they can continue working with the same company that designed the original security system.

Fire Protection Companies

Finally, fire protection companies are common customers for security integrators. While an integrated security company may be able to handle the fire and security alarm systems, things are not always set up that way. Also, as some of these systems can be connected to other fire detection or suppression systems in the building, it can make the most sense for everyone to come out at the same time and complete the work together.

When a fire protection company does not have the resources or expertise to handle all the aspects of a customer’s security systems, they may subcontract a security integrator to help them complete the project with proper care and accuracy. An integrator will have more knowledge of how the fire and security systems work together, and thus be easy for them to work with as they complete the installation, inspections, or maintenance on the systems.

One Industry, Many Applications, Many Customers!

These are the most common customers for security integrators, but there are also many other potential customers out there. No matter who the customer is, security integrators are able to provide them with the solutions they need to keep their properties safe and secure. The better the reputation of an integrated security solutions company, the more likely they are to be considered a local resource for a variety of safety and security services.

Expand Your Portfolio with a Security Integration Business!

If you are interested in expanding your business portfolio or investing in a new type of industry, security integration is a great choice! If you want to learn more about the industry, its value, and the companies currently on the market, reach out to Acquisition and Funding Services today!

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