Buy a Security Alarm Business with Help from AFS

Finalizing an Alarm Dealer Program Agreement

In the market to expand your existing alarm business? Looking to grow your security alarm company? Looking to buy an alarm company? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

At Acquisition & Funding Services, we take pride in helping alarm company buyers and sellers connect to facilitate beneficial, profitable alarm company purchases and sales.

And we have decades of experience doing just that! Give us a call today at 800-354-3863 (Rory Russell’s cell – 24/7 availability) or contact us online to find out how we can connect you with well-qualified business and account owners motivated to sell!

Alarm Companies For Sale! Buying an Alarm Company with AFS

AFS’ acquisition services are designed to help you buy an alarm or security company while receiving the benefit of our considerable experience and skill in the security services market. If you’re looking to grow your business by purchasing a fire alarm or security company for sale, working with an experienced broker who can guide you through the process and help you find the ideal alarm business to purchase is immensely beneficial.

AFS’ acquisition services for alarm company buyers include:

  • Assistance with negotiations
  • Locating potential acquisition targets
  • Conducting due diligence
  • AFS provided financing

We understand the security alarm business, and how to help you best achieve your objectives. With a high degree of professional expertise in all areas of acquisition, we will help you locate, finance and close on your business in short time.

Access to Security Alarm Companies for Sale

At AFS, we work closely with alarm company buyers and sellers, making us a valuable resource if you’re in the market to buy a security alarm business. We have access to alarm and security companies for sale and we’re experts at pairing qualified buyers with the sellers who are looking for them.

If you’re looking to explore your options and you’re interested in purchasing a high quality, well managed company, working with a broker like AFS is a good place to start. Partnering with us, you’ll have the chance to learn about alarm companies for sale, then find and purchase the security company that aligns best with your existing business.

Connect with Fire Alarm Business Sellers

Interested in exploring your integration options? Fire integration can put your alarm business at a significant advantage. By diversifying, you’ll strengthen your business while gaining a competitive advantage. You’ll also have the ability to capitalize on consumer demand and take a significant step towards reducing attrition. (Learn more about the benefits of fire integration here.)

If you’re hoping to expand into the fire alarm sector, we can help you find a fire alarm company that suits your needs. Partnering with us, you’ll gain access to high quality fire alarm business owners who are ready to sell to well qualified buyers like you!

Funding and Alarm Company Loan Options

Alarm company mergers and acquisitions can be expensive endeavors. At Acquisition & Funding Services, we are proud to offer a variety of security company financing options to help fund your company’s expansion and growth.

Whether you are looking to purchase an entire alarm company or a cluster of accounts, we have funding options that will work for your business. Our options are competitive, and we’re a trusted lender within in the industry. Learn more about the AFS Loan program.

Expand Your Alarm Business: Buy An Alarm Company with AFS

Let us help you grow your business! Working with us, you’ll have access to alarm companies for sale and access to the funding and financing options you need to make an acquisition happen.

Call us at (800) 354-3863 (Rory Russell’s cell – 24/7 availability) or contact us online to learn how we can connect you with sellers of security alarm companies and accounts and help you finance your business’ growth.