AFS Services: Your Alarm Company Broker

At AFS we purchase security and fire alarm accounts and businesses, and we also have qualified buyers who are eager to buy them as well. In addition, we provide free valuation for your business or accounts that you wish to sell. Call us today at (800) 354-3863 to learn more, or use the list below to get more information on all our security alarm industry services.

Sell Your Alarm Business or Accounts

Financing and Funding of Your Alarm Business

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Acquiring Security Alarm Companies

  • Buy A Security Alarm Company – Let our considerable experience and skill in the industry guide you through the acquisition.
  • Grow Your Security Alarm Company – There are a couple routes to take when you want to grow your alarm business: you can purchase an existing business or acquire security alarm accounts. We’ll help you determine which route is right for you.

Learn More About AFS: Acquisition & Funding Services

If you are in the security alarm business, and it’s time for change (whether through buying or selling accounts or the entire business), give AFS a call at (888) 539-5190. We’ll help make the next steps in the transition process easier.