Client Testimonials

Hartline Alarms

“I strong recommend Rory Russell of AFS, the reason I chose Rory is because he gave me the personal service, the personal touch…. He was always there to answer my phone call, it didn’t matter what time weekends, holidays whatever he was there to assure me saying ‘we need to work through this’ and ‘this is is what we need to do’. He put me in touch with the proper legal people that I felt comfortable with and I used along with accountants… and that’s why Rory is the man to go through.”

Alan HartlineHartline AlarmsLake Wales, Florida

T&R Alarm Systems, Inc.

For anyone thinking of selling their alarm accounts, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else other than Rory.

When thinking of selling, I talked to quite a few brokers. Getting in touch with them was always leaving voicemails and maybe getting a call back in a few hours or days. What I found is they were looking for the much larger companies and always threw out a multiple much lower than I was expecting.

One morning, about 9am on Sunday, I was on the web looking for something for a car I was restoring. Rory’s company popped up on my computer. I recognized the ad from reading one of the magazines, so I called and left a message on his phone. Well, 3 minutes later while eating my corn flakes Sunday morning, Rory called me. We met a few days later and hammered an agreement out.

To this day – and it’s been two years since we sold – if I call, he either picks up first or second ring, or texts me that he’s on a call and will get right back to me. I can’t stress how important it was to me to get calls back quickly without depending on email or text, etc. No matter what your preference of communicating, Rory is “Johnny on the spot.”

Tom SansoneT&R Alarm Systems, Inc.Clifton, New Jersey

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.

I was a vice president and partner of Absolute Protective Systems when the company’s owner, Paul, started working with Rory. Paul had met Rory through professional connections and reached out to him when he was ready to sell his business.

Rory was perfect. He would set up meetings and act as the go-between in the initial stages. He only brought people that we were interested in considering. We had a number of suitors, who were all quality companies. It was a nice experience.

After the sale, the buyer asked me to stay on as the General Manager and offered me a stake in the company. I have been able to stay involved, while watching the company grow and continue to attract investors.

Along the way, we all became friends. It’s a business transaction, but when you know someone is looking out for your best interests, you learn to appreciate him. Now, I won’t recommend anyone else. He is the only one I will send people to for help selling their businesses. I had a good experience, and Rory is good at what he does.

Glenn PasculloAbsolute Protective Systems, Inc.Piscataway, New Jersey

Yarnell Security Systems

I called Rory when I received an offer for my business. I was familiar with him from the trade magazines, so he came to mind when an initial offer got my wheels turning. I wanted to talk through if it was the right time to sell. Rory did a good job bringing the right people to the table. I would recommend him to others ready to sell their fire protection businesses.

Ronald YarnellYarnell Security SystemsLancaster, Pennsylvania

Gold Coast Fire & Security

I was starting to think about selling my business when I heard Rory’s name mentioned during a fire alarm event. I was familiar with him from his advertisements on several industry websites. Knowing that he was well-known in the industry, I decided to sign with him.

He was the most helpful with bringing potential buyers to the table. I would not have been able to generate that interest without him. I ended up selling to one of the buyers Rory connected me with, which enabled me to exit right when I was ready.

Edgar BlancoGold Coast Fire & SecurityFort Myers, Florida

Acadian Monitoring Services

Rory called me out of the blue, just as I was starting to think about selling the alarm monitoring side of my business. I recognized his name from his ad in trade publications. It was perfect timing.

I told him it was important to keep my selling process confidential, especially since I was only selling part of my business. He identified the right partner and set it up from there. The news didn’t get out to the public until the deal was done. Instead of parading my information online, Rory kept the information to himself and found the one partner that made sense.

Rory was very, very responsive. Any time I needed something or had a question, he would get back in minutes. When he realized I preferred texting, he switched to that method of communication for my convenience. I didn’t expect to find a potential buyer so fast, so a lot of the information that was needed, I did not have prepared. Rory was very patient. He gave me time to compile the information and helped me get it ready. He assisted me and let me go at my own pace.

I was never pressured. It was ultimately my decision and something I was comfortable with on my timeline. Rory helped facilitate that. We got along well, which made for an enjoyable process. In the end, the monitoring side of my business was sold to the right partner at a great price in a timely fashion.

Brandon NilesAcadian Monitoring ServicesLafayette, Louisiana

United Security Alliance, Inc.

Rory has been in the industry forever. He has a stellar reputation and helps sellers like us get top dollar for their business. He is also highly skilled in handling these critical negotiations.

We vetted over a dozen brokers before selecting Rory. Unlike others, he will not shotgun the business. He is very careful in protecting the Confidentiality of a possible sale and he only brings qualified buyers to the table.

Terry OttingerUnited Security Alliance, Inc.Tampa, Florida

Pacific Alarms Company, Inc

I just completed the sale of some of my security accounts with the help of Acquisition and Funding Services and I could not be happier or more impressed with the service they provided. I was selling the accounts to a regional security company, and there were some obstacles that kept getting in the way that made it very difficult, including the broker. I was put in touch with Rory and AFS, and he took care of everything, including the things I didn’t want to get involved with. I am very excited about the amount of money the accounts sold for, and the regional security company is happy as well, as the terms were favorable for all parties.

Les HerczegPacific Alarms Company, Inc.Peoria, Arizona

All Island Security Systems, Inc

AFS and Rory Russell work quickly and efficiently. They have provided us with exceptional service in the areas of acquisitions and financing. I would recommend them as a highly professional group.

Bob StevensPresident, All Island Security Systems, Inc.Hawaii

Alarm Consultants

We have worked closely with AFS for four years. Rory Russell and his group work efficiently, economically and professionally. AFS is a professional organization.

Cecil HoganPresident Alarm ConsultantsTennessee

Diverse Monitoring

Rory, thank you for selling my Central Station. All went well. I got my money and I am very happy!

OwnerDiverse MonitoringLake Winnipesaukee

Alarms Plus

I am very pleased with the transaction and with the on going relationship I have with the buyer.

OwnerAlarms PlusMiami

Betts Security

I called Rory and told him what I wanted for my business. He told me he could get more – AND HE DID! I even got my hold-back.

Cliff Betts Owner, Betts SecuritySan Francisco

Abbot Security

When AFS initially contacted me, I told them that I was not in the market to sell my business. I told them that I had considered selling a couple years ago, but I could not get the price or the terms to meet my requirements. However, I told Rory that if he could get the right price and ensure terms that were good for my customers, employees and my company, I would consider selling. Well, AFS went above my expectations.

Rory presented several qualified, potential buyers; some with similar and some with not so similar proposals. Ultimately, AFS facilitated the sale with an excellent buyer; one that would meet all my requirements and best interests.

Rory understood my business and my requirements; was proactive, responsive and always available when I called. Best of all, we closed in a very short period of time. In the end, the deal was a win-win for everyone!” – Security System News Press Release

Kelly GillOwner, Abbot SecurityDallas, TX

Alpha Burglar & Fire Alarm

Rory was great to deal with and he helped me get what I wanted for my business. I wanted 6 times EBITDA and that’s what I got.

Mr. Curtis ThresherOwner, Alpha Burglar & Fire AlarmSherman, TX

American Alarm Systems

I sold my first batch of accounts and I am now on my second batch of accounts. Rory has helped me through various transactions and I am very pleased with him. He is always available when I needed him.

Holly SwaickiAmerican Alarm SystemsMiami

Advanced Alarms, Inc.

We were very pleased with the transaction and the entire process with AFS was efficient and productive. Calls were always returned promptly, and we felt Rory truly had our best interests in mind. We would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their business or just their accounts.

Ronald & Linda RodriguesAdvanced Alarms, Inc.Boston, MA

Neighbor Ranger

AFS was instrumental in assisting all parties in our arrangement, and had a clear understanding of what was happening throughout each step of the process. Rory Russell understood our needs, the complexity of the issues at hand, and provided professional assistance with achieving our objectives. AFS made sure we overcame any obstacles, and did a superior job seeing things through to fruition.

John PalmerNeighbor RangerSouth Carolina

Advanced Solutions, Inc.

Last January I retained Rory as an alarm company broker to sell my company, Advanced Solutions, Inc. We had several interested parties by the end of February. Rory contacted Protection One in March and the deal closed in May. The folks at P 1 and Rory were delightful to work with. They were very professional, honest, and well organized. This was the 5th alarm company that I built and sold over the past 30 years and by far, the smoothest transition.

Lawrence J GilkeyCEO, Advanced Solutions, Inc.