Acquisition Specialists in the Security Alarm Industry

For over 20 years, Rory Russell has been president and owner of Acquisition & Funding Services (AFS). Facilitating multi-million dollar transactions, AFS specializes in mergers, acquisitions and financing in the security alarm, fire and integration industry. We’re a top alarm company broker in the United States, brokering multimillion-dollar transactions on behalf of alarm companies, security companies, integration companies, fire alarm companies and more.

An Interview With the Owner

A Message from the Owner

Over the last 30 years, a lot has changed in the fire and security marketplace. Large companies are expanding their footprints through the acquisitions of smaller companies, while midsize players are becoming larger buyers themselves. New technologies continue to develop, especially in the wake of the 2020 pandemic and as more things move online. 

More companies are integrating services, offering access control, security systems, and CCTV monitoring along with fire alarm systems, suppression systems, and other fire protection services, all under the same roof. As these services are merging, the integration market is heating up! More investors want a piece of the recurring revenue these industries produce.

Those who have not succeeded in the fire and security industries are companies that are slow to embrace the modern technology environment and react to the evolution of options. Staying “on your toes” is key to appropriate positioning. Having the right affiliations with industry leaders who are aware of this is critical to success. This ensures that, as the market “flexes”, you and your partners are responsive to both the big and the subtle changes.

After over 30 years in this dynamic marketplace, AFS has been instrumental in helping both buyers and sellers respond quickly and profitably to these industry changes. AFS has the experience and the sensitivity to respond to the pulse of the industry. We have a proven record in bringing the right buyers and sellers together, facilitating synergies for long-term success.

As a former security business owner myself, I have watched these industry shifts closely. Since selling my own business, it has become my passion to help other owners navigating the same process find the right deals for themselves and their teams. I love meeting other people in the industry, learning their stories, and helping them take their next steps toward success.

Whether you are looking for capital to help your security integration business grow, want to invest in other opportunities, or are ready to sell your business and move to a new position or a well-earned retirement, AFS is strategically positioned to make your vision a reality. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Best regards,

Rory Russell, Owner, AFS